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Information and what you need to know about the Marina Sands and Sentosa casinos in Singapore.

Integrated Resorts and Casinos

Two Integrated resorts located at Marina Bayfront and Sentosa Island are to be completed by 2009. With a total cost of close to $6 billion dollars, the Singaporean Government expects 35,000 new jobs to be created and an estimated $1.5b boost to the economy and GDP.

The Sands at Marina Bayfront will contain business retail space as well as a convention center on a 12.2ha site.

The family orientated Sentosa Resort will contain an amusement park on a 47-ha site.

The Casinos are expected to fill up less than 5% of total floor area at each resort.

Gambling Controls

Given the concerns many Singaporeans have about legalizing a casino, the government has taken several steps to ensure this does not become an epidemic problem.

An entrance fee to the casinos will be enforced for all Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PR). The fees are tentatively $100 a day and $2,000 a year. The monies collected will go to the Singapore Totalisator Board for charitable causes. Individuals that are undergoing bankruptcies or have poor credit reports will be excluded. Spouses and family members can also request exclusion. Locals cannot use credit cards, post-dated cheques or request house credit from casinos.

No casino advertising will be allowed in the local media.

The Home Affairs Ministry will set up Casino Regulatory Authority and a National Wellness Centre will also be constructed to help compulsive gamblers kick the habit.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports is to develop public education programs on gambling addiction as well as a National Council on Gambling.


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